HeroTrust - Our Town - 2030


From: The Board of Directors - Our Town HeroTrust FlipHero® Chapter

   Our Town Chapter of HeroTrust FlipHero® announced today that the first 20 homes, originally purchased by Our Town Chapter in 2015, are now paid for - debt free.  Currently, Our Town has 100 homes in the HeroTrust FlipHero® campus that promote Home Improvement Education in Our Town.  All HeroTrust FlipHero® homes were purchased between 2015 and 2020.  Therefore, all HeroTrust FlipHero® homes will be debt-free by 2035.

   According to Our Town Chapter Spokesperson, now the lease-provisioned revenue that in the past serviced an 'actual' mortgage to obtain these homes, now will service a 'virtual' mortgage and the funds generated will now be directed into Our Town Chapter Public Bank Ledger to be distributed into the community in support of sustaining Our Town Improvement.

   The initial funding generated by these first 20 homes is expected to be $10,000 per month.

   Our Town HeroTrust FlipHero® Chapter has announced that this initial funding will be used to expand its successful Vocational Education Support in Our Town public schools.

   Our Town HeroTrust FlipHero® anticipates by 2035, when all 100 homes currently under local HeroTrust FlipHero control shift to generating 'virtual' mortgage dollars, the sustained total monthly income generated for Our Town will likely exceed $50,000 per month.

   HeroTrust FlipHero® is a voluntary member public benefit charity:

"Doing all the right things for all the right reasons."



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