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Why a HeroDebit?

HeroTrust FlipHero® is absolutely dedicated

to 100% financial transparency and

complete respect of donor intent.

 Yet another way we define HeroTrust! 

HeroDebit will become YOUR banking solution!

Use it anywhere that accepts Debit MasterCard cards.

That's millions of locations worldwide.  

Use HeroDebit to make purchases and pay bills online.


  • With unified banking on a HeroDebit Prepaid MasterCard card rail of banking services, HeroTrust Fliphero, Inc.  becomes the first and only nonprofit organization that lets YOU, the public, track in real time, each and every penny that flows through our organization including salaries, overhead, business expenses ...everything.  Nothing to hide is how we build HeroTrust!
  • Every HeroTrust FlipHero, Inc. campus property will have an online Public Property Ledger. This means if that house around the corner”you know, the one that's been sitting empty, blighted for years”gets sold into our program, you will have the opportunity to make a charitable contribution in support of the local hero who just moved in. Moreover, with HeroDebit, instantly, every penny of your donation will appear on the public ledger for that home and be readily available to fund Home Improvement Training Activity right where it's needed most: at that home, in YOUR neighborhood!
  • An essential element of our home improvement education program, every HeroTrust FlipHero Member will have their own HeroDebit MasterCard card”personal, private, secure.  When Project Training Activities are scheduled, both Teacher and Student training stipends (payments) are "locked," pending completion of the required task, at which time funds will automatically load onto each participant's HeroDebit.
  • HeroDebit offers exclusive support via our proprietary HeroDebit PayCard Manager.

[Note: HeroTrust FlipHero, Inc. is NOT a debit card company. HeroTrust FlipHero, Inc., an educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to 100% financial transparency, will operate its training activities and related banking on a unified prepaid MasterCard card program provisioned by a third-party provider. HeroTrust FlipHero, Inc. will license exclusive use of: (1) USPTO Registered FlipHero logo SN.86106656-Class 036:Debit Card Services; and (2) "HeroDebit" domain extensions which are the property of HeroTrust FlipHero, Inc..  If you are interested in becoming the exclusive licensed third-party provider of a HeroDebit MasterCard card to HeroTrust FlipHero, Inc., contact us.]

The MasterCard Brand Mark is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated, 2000 Purchase Street, Purchase, NY 10577