How You Help


In keeping with our promise for total and complete financial transparency,

HeroTrust FlipHero, Inc. is proud to account for all donations to date.


HeroTrust FlipHero, Inc. has gratefully received the following donations:


Phil and Patty Grey (on behalf of Nina Parco)     $500.00

Betty Parker     $500.00

Bobby and Bonnie True     $60.00


Dr. Bob and Nancy Bohannon     $300.00

Heath Calhoun     $550.00


Walmart Stores Clarksville, TN.    $163.00

Merridee F. Shumski     $25.00

The Home Depot #0726 (Brenda Gross, Mgr.)     $150.00

Lowe's Store #498 (David Adams Mgr.)     $130.00

A Clarksville Neighbor (Name withheld on request)     $100.00


Lowe's Store #3003 (Nathan Clark, Mgr.)     $190.00

Walmart Stores  Clarksville, TN.     $25.00

Dr. Barbara Aquino (dba Golden Ventures LLC)     $854.32

Adept Properties, LLC (Land Gift)     $110,508.00

John W. Wallace (Land Gift)     $5,300.00

Lowe's Store #498 (David Adams Mgr.)   Grass Seed  $55.93

Richard Larsen       $100.00

Ron & Charlene Bigelow (Bench Sponsorship)  $2,500

John Rudd (Land Gift / Bench Sponsorship)      $25,500

Kito & Omega Kimoto (Recycle Rail Fencing)     $1,920

Dr. Barbara Aquino (dba Golden Ventures LLC)  Lease pmts. "in-kind"     $13,500 


         Dr. Barbara Aquino (dba Golden Ventures LLC)  Lease pmts. "in-kind"     $13,500 


          Facebook - Jim's Birthday Fundraiser      $460

              John Duffey / Jon Martis / Chris Killebrew / Roger True / Elke Sun-Kauerauf

              Laurna Schmidtke / Jeanette Simac / Paul Koenig / Jenny True Willard

              Aaron Bigelow / Melanie Goulson / John McGee / Facebook / Vicky Wyatt

          Jesus First Holiness Church (Pastor Delbert (Glenda) Dockery     $100

          Dr. Barbara Aquino (dba Golden Ventures LLC)  Lease pmts. "in-kind"     $13,500


In keeping with our stated goal to account for ALL donations with full and complete transparency, this list is the full extent of the donations received by our organization.  While they may seem few, each dollar donated has a HUGE VALUE in helping further our passion for helping provide Veteran education and support.    Thank you. 

December 15, 2015  Richard and Reta Strong Motorhome Donation



Heath Calhoun, HeroTrust FlipHero Vice-President, seen here with Richard and Reta Strong of Columbia, TN.

The Strong's generosity is only outpaced by the joy in their hearts to serve others.



This motorhome will allow HeroTrust FlipHero to go wherever we are needed to offer home improvement advice and to serve willingly”just like our good friends, THE STRONGS.




Thank you, Richard and Reta!




In the fall of 2014, Chief Architect Software of Couer d'Alene, Idaho awarded HeroTrust FlipHero a Grant of their Premier Chief Architect Software.

In the years since, HeroTrust FlipHero Co-Founder Jim Larsen, a highly respected, successful and long-term exclusive User of Chief Architect Software, has designed -at no cost to them- Dream Homes for many Veterans, Active-duty Families, and other amazing people.    

Custom designs made possible by the our good friends at:

Jim Larsen is Featured by Chief! 


YOUR donations make it ALL possible.